Let me introduce my self. My name is Elko Erawan a.k.a KolayJupan. You can call me Kolay. I like that nickname rather than Elko. By day, I'm working at an IP Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia, as an Overseas Trademark Specialist. I work as a representative of my clients to register their Trademarks and/or maintain their registered Trademarks (e.g. renew the protection terms, submit a Declaration of Actual Use, etc). Other than that, I've started my own company namely "PT. ERAWAN KREATIF MANDIRI" with "e-coolgreen" as its first trademark which sells some eco-friendly products such as paper straws, paper cups, stainless straws, stainless cutleries, tumblers, bottles, and else. You can visit the official website of e-coolgreen by simply clicking here



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