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Let me introduce my self. My name is Elko Erawan a.k.a KolayJupan. You can call me Kolay. I like that nickname rather than Elko. By day, I'm working at an IP Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia, as an Overseas Trademark Specialist. I work as a representative of my clients to register their Trademarks and/or maintain their registered Trademarks (e.g. renew the protection terms, submit a Declaration of Actual Use, etc). Other than that, I've started my own company namely "PT. ERAWAN KREATIF MANDIRI" with "e-coolgreen" as its first trademark which sells some eco-friendly products such as paper straws, paper cups, stainless straws, stainless cutleries, tumblers, bottles, and else. You can visit the official website of e-coolgreen by simply clicking here


I'm here to share any knowledge that you might haven't known before. And you can share your knowledge either by contributing to my blog right here. Just remember, our knowledge is nothing unless it could make us change to a better person or it shared with the others. If you think you've changed enough with your knowledge, then it's the right time to share!


Besides, maybe I can help you to do some tasks with my skills and abilities, such as creating a logo, packaging design, website, article content, IP matter, and others. I can give you a special price with a couple of conditions. Click here to reach me by sending me a form filled with your question or query. I'll revert to you as soon as possible based on availability.


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I hope you enjoy my creativity and all of my shared articles. I wish that after reading on my blogs and/or watching my youtube videos, you can know more things than before. 


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